How to choose the best fieldguide to the birds of Colombia (Step by step)


What's the best fieldguide to the birds of Colombia? This video will Help you decide which Birding fieldguide to buy for your birding trip to Colombia. We want to share with our Clients Quality Content About Neotropical Birding. Wright now we are in a difficult moment due to the pandemic, and our Neotropical Birding Trips are canceled. But we can plan and prepare our Birding Trip. I have been a Birding guide in Colombia for many years and i haved used the most 3 books, written by Steven Hilty, Miles Mcmullan and Fernando Ayerbe. All the participants from our tours allways ask me: ¿Which fieldguide should I get? ¿ Which Fieldguide is the best?. The idea is to show you the features of the fieldguides available so that you can choose wisely. If you like this video don't forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe for more quality content about birding.

Let us know which is the fieldguide for you and why?                                              a) M. McMullan's.                                                                                                      b) F.  Ayerbe's                                                                                                          c) S.  Hilty                                                                                                               


Check the video and choose yours!                          

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